Our vision

Our vision is to be the most efficient provider of essential commodities and services in the world.

Our mission

We operate to benefit our shareholders, customers and our company. We conduct business ethically and responsibly. We strive for our people, product and processes to be the best.

Our values


We conduct business with integrity. We can be trusted. We work in an environment of mutual trust and respect, cultivating partnerships strengthened by open dialogue and sharing, and deliver on our commitments.



We help each other succeed. We believe the sum is greater than its parts. When met with a challenge, we engage in robust discussions in search of solutions, take collective responsibility for our decisions and execute as a team.



We are not set in our ways. We maintain a dynamic, entrepreneurial culture by empowering people to act quickly and decisively within a disciplined framework. We are willing to explore new ideas and take measured risks to capitalize on opportunities.



You can count on us. We are dedicated to doing the right thing. We take responsibility for our actions and hold ourselves accountable for the results.



We pursue excellence in everything we do. We are never satisfied with status quo. We strive to outperform while delivering on our commitment to customers and suppliers, global community and environment.

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